PoliCulturaEXPOMilano2015 is also a contest, with finalists and winners (depending on different categories and themes).

Dalla terra alla tavola
Secondary school, s.y. 2013/2014 – Italy

The awarding ceremony will be a vibrant and exciting occasion to live, organized at the Universal Exposition’s Site. All the finalists, teachers and students, are invited to participate in presence or remotely, if travelling is not an option.

During the ceremony all the finalist narratives can be visualized.

Games and educational activities are organized for students, whereas teacher can explore in depth the significance of their work in a workshop with researchers from Politecnico di Milano.

Later all gather together for the proclamation of winners and the special awards.

You may also follow a virtual ceremony in streaming from your home, but it is much better to be there and feel the emotion of being part of an excellence community.


In June 2015 the awarding ceremony will be hosted within EXPO and will certainly make all participants proud of having actively participated in the event and contributed to make their country’s presence more prominent.