Expo Milano 2015 deals with a wide range of extremely relevant themes: food, nutrition, health, food production, agriculture, sustainability, biodiversity…

This short document offers a few ideas for possible class activities and research projects. Some activities are more geared toward the higher grades, while others are perfect for primary schools.


1) Localization (“the way we were” or “the way we are”)

Are Expo Milano 2015 themes relevant to your local area? Now, in the past, traditionally…?

How is/was food produced? What kind of agriculture is typical of your local area? What kinds of food are usually cooked? What are some typical recipes? How are people’s eating habits (how many meals in a day, at what times)? What foods are prepared on special occasions (e.g. birthdays, religious and national holidays…)?

Sources may include local experts, families, libraries and archives…

Remember: things that sound obvious to everyone in your local area may be of high interest to people from the rest of the world.


2) Activity (“my vegetable garden”)

Please describe an activity conducted in view of EXPO: growing an edible garden, recycling food, changing eating habits in the family, … Give voice to all participants: what do they think of the work done? How do they perceive its importance? Were parents and families involved? Was there any outside help? Why do you want to tell the world what you have done?


3) Research (“where did all the food go?”)

Please describe research relevant to Expo Milano 2015: consumer habits, behaviours, facts, data, etc. It may be limited to the local area or cover a region, a country or the entire world. Please choose one phenomenon and try to understand it in depth. Some data or facts may be already available, others may need to be collected: prepare a survey and administer it to a suitable sample, or make interviews, or find experts… Draw your conclusions and report them in a clear and convincing way.


4) Curriculum teaching

Ideas for activities may start from the curriculum of the subject you teach, where it intersects with Expo Milano 2015 themes. For example, while studying a work of literature (such as The Betrothed by Alessandro Manzoni), you may focus on the different eating habits of different social classes at the time described in the novel.


5) Communication/design (“this is the message”)

Please describe a design/communication idea related to Expo Milano 2015 themes: an information campaign, ways to raise awareness about crucial issues, packaging ideas… Any proposal is possible, from graphic design to interactive apps or a viral video on YouTube. Please clarify your target audience and objectives.


6) Project (“let’s do this”)

Please describe a specific research project or proposal related to the themes of Expo Milano 2015: a technology, a technique, am organizational structure, a business model… anything that may help “feeding the planet” in a sustainable way. Please specify who would be involved, how the proposal works, who would benefit from it and how.


7) Open (“doing things my way”)

Please describe any Expo Milano 2015 related topic that catches your interest. It may be something practical or a “vision”, an idea, a stance, a manifesto… Please clarify who would be involved, the value of the idea, who would benefit from it and how. 


PoliculturaEXPOMilano2015 activities (pdf)