PoliCultura is a learning experience but also a contest!

The goal of the contest is to offer teachers and students an additional incentive to do their best: it should be clear, however, that all the participants are “winners” and that all the narratives will be displayed on a dedicated portal and on YouTube.


Quello che le donne non dicono

Secondary school, s. y. 2013/2014 – Italy

The contest is organized according to a grid based on the school level of the class: for each level, the jury, made up of the teachers and experts of Politecnico di Milano, selects the finalists and identifies the winners. At the discretion of the jury there may be special awards, for example relating to a particular theme or a specific reason of value.


Generally juries, formed by experts in various disciplines, base their evaluations on two criteria:

  • Educational quality: the quality of the learning activity, also considering difficulties and challenges at the start, social inclusion problems, involvement of all the students, and so on…
  •  “Media Literacy”: the quality of multimedia communication, in its technical aspects and strictly in terms of communication effectiveness.

All participants will receive a certificate and the best narratives will win an award. Also the finalists will have the opportunity to attend the awards ceremony and live an exciting day.


The contest is also a way to recognize excellence in schools,

wherever it is and however it may be expressed.