Un tavolo tondo come il mondo

Nursery school, s.y. 2013/2014 – Italy

We support the development of an innovative and effective pedagogy, stimulating teachers and students with concrete and detailed proposals.

We want learners and teachers to go beyond the usual barriers:

  • exploring various possible teaching/learning activities to carry on, in connection with Expo Milano 2015


  • digging into various issues related to Expo Milano 2015, selecting (possibly) unusual topics


  • developing a novel and fresh approach


With the help of over 30 teachers, we have developed more than 1,000 “learning tips”: possible ideas for activities at school (with kids and grownup students). Tips are categorized according to “activity ” and “theme”.

Detailed tips are available to teachers taking part in online courses, where there will also be online communities for discussing them.

Finally we want to stress that all disciplines are relevant for Expo Milano 2015. Teachers don’t have to wonder if their discipline can deal with Expo Milano 2015 or worry that tackling a new set of issues will “distract” their class from curricular activities. The issues involved by the Universal Exposition are by their nature multi-faceted, open to debate and multi-disciplinary.

In order to stimulate teachers (and students) to find their way and use their creativity, we give a few hints and examples of diciplines that can address Expo Milano 2015 themes.


We know that each teacher will create his/her own original activity. Taking a look at a few of our 1,000 proposals can be a good starting point