Our goal is to help teachers (with their students) to go deeper into an exciting learning experience, while at the same time raising awareness on important issues. We hope (and envision) that learning activities on the themes of Expo Milano 2015 will continue for several years to come, as they are a crucial aspect of world citizenship.


For this purpose we provide here more than 300 pages of resources on Expo Milano 2015 themes based on interviews to world renowned experts. They represent the tip of the iceberg (compared to the whole body of knowledge available), yet they can provide an invaluable starting point for further research and activities.


Each document is provided in two versions:

  • a short version, aimed at stimulating the interest of younger students, without delving into complex details
  • an extended version, with a level of detail sufficient to capture the interest of more advanced students, willing to tackle more complex challenges


Each document is also enriched with “learning tips” (see page): more than 1,000 ideas about possible teaching/learning activities related to Expo Milano 2015.

Short and long documents are free and available to all web site users; documents enriched with “learning tips” are available to teachers who register for on line courses (MOOCs).