PoliCulturaExpoMilano2015 wants to involve any stakeholder moved by the desire of supporting the schools with their storytelling with the opportunity of accomplishing a special track called “ThestorythatIdlike”.

ThestorythatIdlike” is an initiative created to increase the variety of ways in which education can deal with EXPO Milano 2015’s themes. More specifically, it allows dealing with niche-subjects and approaches, proposed by a variety of partners like consortia, universities, associations of various kinds.

ThestorythatIdlike” is the ideal way for stimulating youngsters, teachers and families to think about relevant themes like local products distribution, new innovative ways for producing and distributing products, cross-national cooperations, etc.

Scuola primaria, a.s. 2013/2014

Scuola primaria, a.s. 2013/2014

For the countries participating in Expo Milano 2015, it represents a way to increase awareness about the nation’s contribution to the Exposition, both at home (by inviting the own schools to take part in the special tracks) and at the Exposition site (by being noticed during the PoliCulturaExpoMilano2015 contest and at the final awarding ceremony).

An organization who wants to propose a “special track” should specify the theme, the school level addressed, the prizes it will provide and other characteristics of the specific “call for stories”.

HOC-LAB will publish all the proposals on this website, and will promote the initiative through every available channels.

The proponent of each track will be involved in the jury that will award the prizes to the winners.

Taking part in a special track of “ThestorythatIdlike” is not in conflict with the main competition. All the stories will be made public in the website and on the dedicated Youtube channel.

How to submit a special track proposal?

The proponent has to fill in a form with all the characteristics of the call as well as the prizes offered. Prizes can be in the form of goods, services or covering travel expenses for visiting the Expo Milano 2015 world fair.

For more information, feel free to contact us at

Note: becoming a special partner of “thestorythatIdlike” initiative does not mean becoming a sponsor of the EXPO2015 event in any way. Still, the acceptance of a proposal is subordinate to validation by the EXPO Milano 2015 organizers, who verify the adequacy and compliance to the event’s rules.