PoliCultura EXPO 2014 - sezione Kids

PoliCultura EXPO 2014 – Kids section

Developing multimedia narratives at school is a demanding job (for teachers and students as well), highly relevant in terms of learning: it deserves to be acknowledged and recognized as such.

Professional development classes (MOOCs)

All teachers who complete a MOOC receive a certificate of completion.

For Italian participants only: it is possible to turn this certificate into formative credits for the Diploma On Line (an online Master program for teachers, offered by Politecnico di Milano) according to the conditions specified on the website (


The schools, classes and teachers who complete a narrative receive a certificate.

A special certificate is awarded to finalists, winners of special awards and winners in each category.

Digital badges

All certificates are offered also as “digital badges” (according to the international standard defined by the Mozilla Foundation). In this way the recognition can be appreciated also at international level.