PoliCultura International 2014 - Junior

PoliCultura International 2014 – Junior

Participating in PoliCulturaExpoMilano2015 requires few technical skills at the start: participation itself will encourage and support the development of more advanced competences as the activity unfolds.

Multimedia narratives are created by using 1001stories, an authoring tool developed by HOC-LAB. 1001stories is available online at all times and does not require any software installation. In order to access 1001stories you need to register for PoliCulturaExpoMilano2015.

Each participating class freely chooses how to build its story and is provided with some general instructions on how to work with different media.

Data show that students and teachers can learn how to use the tool in approximately 20-30 minutes.

Creating a multimedia narrative entails:

  • defining an editorial plan, that is the structure of the story;
  • creating and uploading the “ingredients”: text, images (photos, scanned pictures, downloaded images), image captions, audio files;
  • checking the result while working, through the “preview” function, and correcting it if necessary.

When the narrative is completed, the staff of PoliCulturaExpoMilano2015 generates multiple versions for multiple channels and devices.